Dr. Rien Dam: Water Resources Management consulting / institutional strengthening & capacity building expert

Rien Dam (1961, The Netherlands) is an experienced international technical assistance expert with a solid basis in IWRM, environmental geosciences and hydrogeology. He has broad experience in multiple countries in Asia and Africa working as a senior project expert on urban and regional / river basin water management issues, flood risk studies, water resources management, water demand/supply studies, climate change adaptation and natural resources management. Since 1994, he initiated and/or participated in multiple capacity building and technical assistance projects in India, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ghana, Benin, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique. He has also participated as a technical water management expert in urban planning and design projects in the Middle East, Vietnam and Indonesia. His project experience (ADB, Worldbank, EU, bilateral funding, consulting companies) includes work on general natural resources management policy, integrated coastal zone studies, urban resilience, institutional strengthening, governance issues, but also more specialist studies in groundwater management, land subsidence and geohazards/disaster mitigation As a team leader/team member, he acts in a participatory and determined manner, with excellent organization & coordination skills. He is well acquainted with several Asian cultures and considers SE Asia his home (working in the region since 1985). 

Dr. Rien Dam has both the experience (institutional, technical and as a person), knowledge basis and the ambition, curiosity and energy to take on major new assignments. He is well acquainted with the application of modern technology in water and river basin management, while appreciating the value of solid skills and people’s experience. He is able to inspire and motivate young colleagues, while at the same time he can provide assurances and take on responsibility among older colleagues. He has confidence and motivation to do the job.