For your convenience I have summarized my experience in Indonesia and Vietnam in a short overview of projects, assignments and responsibilities

Indonesia Overview Rien Dam

Vietnam Overview Rien Dam


See some results of my earlier work in Indonesia and the Mekong region:

1. Groundwater resources in the Greater Mekong Subregion, collaborative resource management to increase resilience (Groundwater Lower Mekong Basin, 2016)

2. Results of Land Subsidence analysis for Ho Chi Minh City

3. Land Subsidence studies in Central Java, Indonesia

4. Information about G4AW Vietnam GREENCoffee (Vietnam) and SMARTseeds (Indonesia)

5. Holocene Evolution Mahakam delta (IKN Nusantara area)

Papers - Publications

Part 1 covers Technical Reports and/or Special Brochures related to Technical Assistance and consulting work (work experience period 2007-2014)

Part 2 covers miscellaneous reports and project documents related to my international capacity building experience, mostly for higher education and research in developing countries (years 2002-2007).

Part 3 covers mostly peer-reviewed scientific research publications of the period 1992-2005, in particular relating to Quaternary environmental and climate change in the Indonesian region.

Cover Bird's Head book

This a Book with research papers of the ISIR programme (Interdisciplinary Research on Irian Jaya’s Bird’s Head peninsula)


Special Issue Journal Palaeo3, Volume 171, Issues 3-4, July 2001 “Quaternary Environmental Change in the Indonesian Region”,

Guest Editors: Rien A.C. Dam and Sander van der Kaars; Including:

Late Quaternary palaeoecology, palynology and palaeolimnology of a tropical lowland swamp: Rawa Danau, West-Java, Indonesia.; Rawa Danau article

Palaeoenvironmental developments in the Lake Tondano area (N. Sulawesi, Indonesia) since 33,000 years B.P.  Lake Tondano article

Late Quaternary tropical lowland environments on Halmahera, Indonesia. Halmahera article